Delirio d’onnipotenza da quasi fine esami, parte prima.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about writing on this blog in English. Yes, I have. I’ve spent the last 4 days studying for an exam over English language. Pure grammar, vocabulary, gap fill, tenses (bloody tenses) and so on. I mean, it would be a waste of time: spending four whole days studying for an exam (actually, the last real exam over English language and grammar) and then, after two years of practice, should I give it up completely?

The hell, no! And so, here I am, writing in English. Of course, I’ll be doing a myriad mistakes (by the way, the mark I’ve been given today was 26.. this shows how my English is far from being perfect!). Yes, I’ll be doing dozens of mistakes, and I’m way too lazy to google a conjunction or a preposition when I’m unsure about them. I’m already slow, let alone googling every single word.

I must admit I still have a few doubts about this blog becoming bilingual. Don’t know, I’ve always criticized those who write in English just to show off, even though they sometimes make abysmal mistakes when they write in Italian. Maybe it’s just me. Well, at the same time I thought: “Ok, I’m studying to become an interpreter or, more likely, a translator. Well, theoretically. How can I improve my English? Listening to the BBC (done), watching English programmes (done), becoming a year-long fan of an almost unknown English Premier League team (done).. what about writing something?”

Well, three paragraphs about nothing seem to me a good way to start. I don’t really know how this project will pan out, I haven’t the foggiest. I guess I’ll discover it quickly.

See ya.

Looks like George W. is having a blast!


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