Worldwide WordPress 5k (#wwwp5k)

Disclaimer: this post has been written in British English for a very simple reason, and no, it’s not because I feel the desperate urgency to be smug. The topic of the day is a worldwide event and will be therefore discussed in a language that almost everyone in the world, from drunk Alabama rednecks to nerdy Shangai students, can master, just in case some not Italian-speaking people stumble upon this blog.

A few days ago I read that WordPress had launched a brilliant running event, the Worldwide WordPress 5k, in which every WordPress blogner (it sounds awful, but so does runger) could take part. Running (or walking, or cycling, or riding a giant panda) for a distance of five kilometers, taking some photos, writing something about it: not a big deal.

(Well, my training schedule says “29th Sep – 18km”. I hope it counts anyway.)

Today I woke up at 7 a.m. to get ready for a non-competitive run in Brembate. I looked out of the window and, as a proper Yorkshire gentleman would put it, it was bloody raining cats and dogs. I texted O’Malvey, my running mate, and he confirmed that avoiding an almost sure broncocagotto was definitely a good idea.


Three hours later the rain ceased and I decided to set off on my own, although the sky wasn’t exactly clear.


During the first three-four kilometers my right calf felt a bit stiff, but it got better as the minutes passed. I ran past Bonate, Terno, Sotto il Monte and Carvico. On the way to Villa d’Adda I realized that I had run nine kilometers, so I stopped and took a couple of pictures (well, they’re not that breathtaking, I know).



And then it was time to come back. At a slightly faster pace, thanks to a few downhill stretches. I almost ran out of fuel (=sugar), and the mouth-watering scents coming from some kitchens – it was lunchtime – didn’t help at all. But somehow I managed to complete the route and come back home.

Distance: 18 kilometers
Time: 1h 38′ 42″
Pace: 5’28″/km



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